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Litium - For Developing Technology of the future

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Dive Into the New Age of Cryptocurrency

Dive Into the New Age of Cryptocurrency

About Litium

Uniqueness of Litium

Litium (crypto) will be tied to territory ownership, which means that our crypto has concrete value. In other words, the land areas owned by our company support the market value of Litium and the weakening of other cryptocurrencies does not affect our crypto.

Profitability of Litium

The strong growth of the battery industry in Europe has tripled the price of lithium during 2020, so lithium seems to be in short supply. In electric car batteries lithium is not replaceable, so it affects the price of lithium. Lithium-ion batteries are also used in consumer electronics such as mobile devices and laptops.

Territories of Litium

With the worldwide increase in demand for lithium, more mining will be done all across the globe. As of now, the eyes are set on Europe as there are currently no lithium mining in the continent due to outdated lack of information suggesting that there would be any lithium deposits located in Europe. However, recent studies have shown that there is actually a lot of lithium in different parts of Europe, especially in Finland, where the biggest lithium discovery has been made in all of Europe. That is why Litium will be tied to Finnish soil with rich lithium deposits. This means that as the Finnish lithium mining industry gets bigger, so will the market value of Litium.

History of Lithium

Lithium was found by a Swedish chemist Johan August Arfwedson in 1817. Lithium belongs to alkali-metals. It's on the first group in periodic table, like other alkali-metals. Symbol of lithium is Li and its atomic number is 3.


Lithium battery is better than lead-acid because of energy density, price, environmental issues, charging time and size/weight. Lithium-Ion battery can be over 80% lighter than a regular lead-acid battery.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our project started in 2018 and our knowledge is world-leading, because of long-term work, strong know-how and techical pioneering.


Your contribution is important to all of us. Electrification is future; moving from combustion engines to electric engines we need more lithium batteries all the time. Total demand for lithium in 2019 was more than 270,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE).

Lithium demand is projected to grow to more than 900,000 LCE tonnes by 2027 and nearly 2.8 million LCE tonnes by 2040. That creates pressures for lithium mining and exploration.


Electricity plays a significant role in carbon sequestration. Batteries are defined as electrical storage devices in low-carbon economy. Main plan with batteries aim to create a globally integrated sustainable and competitive battery industrial base.

You can find LITIUM in the following exchanges:

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Invest in the Future

Our cryptocurrency is for people whose eyes are set on electrification, in other words, the future. See our full instructions on how to start investing in Litium.

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